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The 117-Day Challenge

September 06, 2018

The year is not over yet. It just feels like it.

Tweet from @year_progress showing that 2018 is 68% gone.

I wrote a post for the Indie Hackers community yesterday about something that’s been in my head these past few days. There are 117 days left in the year (including today). That’s 100 days + 17 Sundays, which is the right amount of time needed to complete a nice little 100-day challenge before the end of the year, while still being able to take a day off each week to get some rest.

But deciding that I wanted to do something with the rest of my year, was way easier than deciding exactly what to do. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my personal challenge should be. There are just too many things to consider, specially time constraints. I’ve recently started taking some college classes with the hope of getting a degree in Data Science sometime next year, and that’s basically sucking all of my free time. So my challenge needs to be a) interesting (otherwise I wouldn’t keep up with it for 100 days), and b) not very time-consuming.

I already have some daily habits that I try to do every day or at least 6 times a week, like reading, exercising and meditating. But my challenge can’t be related to any of those; since I’m already doing these things every day, it wouldn’t be much of an actual challenge.

So after much consideration, and an in-depth review of my “Someday / Maybe” list, I finally decided that I’m going to do the thing that I wanted to do since I was 14 years old. I’m going to learn Japanese.

Actually, it’d be more accurate to say that I’m going to study Japanese. Yes, hopefully I’d end up learning something after studying it for 100 days, but that’s not what the challenge is about. This is more of a test on self-discipline than anything else. It’s about making very little progress every day, without excuse. It’s a way to prove myself that no matter how busy I think I am, or how overwhelmed I might feel, I can still find a little bit of time in my day to sit down, and do the thing.

If you’re curious, this is the course that I’ll be taking. I’ve purchased it a couple years ago before my trip to Japan, and of course, I abandoned it after I came back. This time, I’m sure things will be different. Today is Day 1.

じゃあね jaa ne!

My wife and I in Nara, Japan

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